Outreach Services

There are 2 project areas to the EGADZ Outreach Services, Street Outreach and Operation Help. Each area operates out in the community connecting and providing services to individuals who are leading or at risk of leading “High Risk Lifestyle”

Street Outreach Download Pamphlet

Street Outreach takes their services to the streets seven nights a week providing emergency services such as;

  • immediate assistance with nutrition
  • clothing
  • condoms
  • personal hygiene supplies
  • referrals for emergency housing and detox
  • emergency baby supplies such as formula and diapers
  • one on one counselling

During the day Street Outreach connects with clients providing follow up assistance with advocacy, justice support, housing, education, appointments and Crisis Counselling.

The Street Outreach also connects with youth in the afternoons at schools and parks providing fruit and safety information and awareness.

Street Outreach Hours of Operation

  •           Monday to Friday      9:30a.m. - 1a.m.
  •           Saturdays                    5p.m. - 1a.m.
  •           Sundays                       4p.m. – 12a.m.

For assistance contact (306)221-3719 

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Operation Help is an outreach service that specializes in assisting people that are involved, or at risk of being involved, in sexual exploitation.   The Operation Help team provides support and services to any individual, not limited to age or gender, who voluntarily would like to exit the sex trade lifestyle.

Annual Day of Mourning

Every year Operation Help workers guide a youth committee in planning a memorial event called “The Day of Mourning”.  

The Day of Mourning takes place every August 14th and is an opportunity for families, friends and community to come together to remember those whose lives have been lost to sexual exploitation.

I AM NOT 4 SALE Download Pamphlet

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Mission Statement

We are a Community Partnership encouraging change for sexually exploited Children, Youth, Females and Males of all ages.

  • Access to immediate 24 hour resources with confidential, non-judgmental supports.
  • Providing safe and positive solutions to enable healthy lifestyle changes.

IAmNot4Sale.ca was inspired by the always changing needs of children, youth, females and males of all ages exploited by the Sex Trade. EGADZ works closely with them in the Operation Help and Street Outreach programs. However, the partners in our Sexual Exploitation Committee acknowledged a need for MORE, as well as different approaches to combat those who are using social media as well as Human Trafficking to exploit a vulnerable population. As technology changes, so must the options for those exploited and abused in the sex trade.

The Executive Director of EGADZ began meeting with funding agencies, expressing the need of an anonymous Website for victims of the sex trade/or at risk of, to be able to reach out in a non-threatening, non-committal environment. Coupled with the need, expressed were the benefits that came along with such a Website and App existing. Such benefits include allowing those exploited by the sex trade a way to communicate without fear or prosecution from their pimp or Jon, giving them the tools to access resources and gain education, ultimately supporting them with a WAY OUT.

A Youth Committee was put together which consists of women of various ages and life experiences. This committee consists of young women that have been affected by the sex trade. With support and help they are assisting us to take the journey in making positive life changes. The goal of the committee was to provide a Website and App that enables the victims of the sex trade, runaway's, and those being sexually exploited a safe, anonymous, confidential place where they can receive the support, resources, and help that they require. Discussed often during the committee meetings was the need for these children, youth, women and men to know they are NOT ALONE and no matter their need there is HELP and always OPTIONS. Stressed was the importance to create a non-judgmental, respectful atmosphere where connections can be formed with community agencies as well as relationships built among those currently or previously exploited through the sex trade.

Upon reviewing the proposals and meeting with the Intervention Youth Committee, the Canadian Women's Foundation- Government of Saskatchewan-Status of Women's Office-Ministry of Social Services, Office of the Provincial Interlocutor First Nations, Metis, and Northern Affairs- Government Relations became active funders and supporters of the IAmNot4Sale.ca campaign. As funders they have donated a substantial amount towards the success and completion of this project.

Operation Runaway Download Pamphlet

“OPERATION RUNAWAY” is an innovative, non-traditional, inter-agency team approach to the problem of runaways in Saskatoon.


Emphasis is on identifying the root causes of running and using positive support mechanisms to encourage changes in behaviors

In November of 2016, Chief Clive Weighill contacted Don Meikle, Executive Director of EGADZ Street Outreach, and asked him if there was any way that we could work together to reduce the number of Habitual Runaways.  Don Meikle advised that he believed the reason that we are not able to reduce the number of Habitual Runaways is no one is asking the youth why they are running away and what needs to change to stop them from running.

A group of Community Partners and Police host Support Circles where the at-risk youth who have been continually running are brought in and offered supports.  The Circle does introductions and the youth is asked “why they are running and what needs to change in order for them to reduce their running.”

The Idea was presented to the SPS Executive, the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissionaires, and to the EGADZ Board of Directors.  Additionally, we presented the idea to the Ministry of Social Services and Saskatoon Mental Health and Addictions and we received approval to proceed with a six month Pilot Project which would follow with an end of pilot review.


Approval was given to start the pilot in March 2017, and on May 03, 2017 the first support circle was held. 


The goal for Operation Runaway is to reduce or eliminate the amount of times youth are running from their placements or homes. When a youth first comes to a Circle, they are aware that our program is completely voluntary and that the Team is there to work with them on what they think they need in their journey. We get an opportunity to sit down with them and actually ask them why they are running from their homes. Some have told us that no one has ever asked why they are leaving or what they are running to. In the Circles we are able to show them that their voice and opinions matter. From this conversation the Team is able to come up with ideas and solutions for a home the youth would feel comfortable living in.  Sometimes it’s as simple as the Social Worker doing a Place of Safety check with a family member, or it could mean finding a home that is better suited for their needs. The Team is able to offer more supports through our circles, such as connecting them with Recreation Therapy, Mental Health and Addictions workers, community programming, extracurricular activities, and help connect them with possible mentors and members of the community that can guide and support them to their goals and dreams.

Operation Runaway is there for the youth when they need it, as they need it. The youth have been staying in contact when they are missing from their placements, and we are able to notify their supports as to where they are. One of the ways we have been able to stay in contact with the youth is by being able to provide them cell phones that are donated through Cellular YXE. This gives them the ability to let people know where they are, that they are safe or that they need help. We are also able to communicate with the Missing Persons Unit so they don’t have to be actively searching for youth when they have been in contact with us. This helps cut down on the many hours the Missing Persons Unit would normally spend on searching for these youth.