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5 Days For The Homeless 2019 Starts!



“5 Days for the Homeless: Saskatoon aims to educate, support, and spread awareness on the Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre Inc (EGADZ) and on the issues facing youth at risk, as well as challenge the Saskatoon community to get involved and work together to find solutions.“


Five Days for the Homeless was originally piloted in 2005 by Clark Barr, Rob Hart, and Frank Callele, three very inspired University of Alberta School of Business students. They believed that they could make a difference and do something that could raise both awareness and funds for homelessness; a difficult and growing problem. A unique fundraiser was born, with the goal to raise both awareness and funds for the Youth Emergency Shelter Society (YESS). The distinctive element of the challenge is that students are actively involved in bringing the issues to life by living homeless on campus for 5 full days. This is done alongside a voluntary professor as well.

This year, there will be over 20 universities across Canada who will be participating in the event during the same week to raise money and awareness for charities all across Canada!


RULES - The participants will:

1. Remain on campus from 5:00 pm Sunday March 10th, 2018 until 5:00 pm Friday March 15th, 2019.
2. Have no disposable income.
3. Have no access to food or drinks. The food they consume can only be received from donations.
4. Have a pillow and blanket which can be exchanged for an emergency meal, if necessary.
5. Have no access to the showers, which their student access card would normally get them into.
6. Sleep outside and not in a university building. The only exception is if temperatures are so low that their health is at risk.
7. Attend all of their classes and complete all of their academic responsibilities, including student organizations and teaching positions.
8. Post their experiences on a blog daily​


Meet this years Sleepers! What an amazing group