* We value youth and their potential including their right to be heard and to self determination.

* We value a holistic approach to seeking harmony and balance in the lives of individuals.

* We value community support and assistance in addressing the needs of youth at risk.

* We value inter-agency commitment, cooperation, and partnerships.

* We believe in basic human rights and equality rights regardless of race, religion, gender, ability, age, and socio-cultural status.

* We value staff, volunteers, and board members.

* We believe in respect for others, property, and the environment.

  • Donate to EGADZ

    Every dollar you donate to EGADZ provides integral resources and actively supports services that empower youth at risk to help themselves to reach their full potential.

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  • Ways You Can Help

    Purging your closets and garage? Moving? Buying new furniture? Overflowing garden or freezer? We are ALWAYS looking for the following items that will directly benefit youth in your community!

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  • Interested in helping at EGADZ ?

    By volunteering at EGADZ you attain valuable work experience and provide a tremendous service for the youth and the community. But most importantly it is FUN!

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