The Residential services that EGADZ has to offer include Staffed Homes, Mentored Homes, Structured Independent Homes, Supported Independent Homes and Baby Steps which is a home for children in care of the Ministry of Social Services whose parents are working on reunification.
All of the Residential services are for volunteer clients and only for those who are wanting to create lifestyle changes or are in need of a supportive environment to achieve their personal goals.
Each home is supported by youth workers who are able to assist the youth and adults with education, employment, medical, spiritual, addictions, mental health and any issues and goals that may arise.
Along with this support the homes also offer specialty sub-programs such as Parent Support and Action to Employment.

Parent Support
Parent Support is offered to all parents that are residing within the Residential Programming.
Support workers offer guidance while assisting each parent with their parenting plan and skill building.

Action to Employment
Action to Employment is an employment program that offers yard care services to individuals in the community who are in need of assistance and are unable to afford lawn and yard care services.
The EGADZ residents receive training, employment experience, a multitude of skills and the personal reward of helping people in their community.

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The separate Staffed Homes are available to females and males aged 12 – 16 years old who are in need of 24 hour support.  The homes are staffed with workers who are awake and available to youth who are just beginning their healing journey.  These youth may struggle with night terrors, flashbacks, addictions and mental health.

Age exceptions are also made for young mothers who are struggling or in need of more support, parents who are on a Parental Services Agreement or older teens who are struggling with mental illness.

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The Mentored Homes are for females aged 12—16 and 16 –17 years old who have been active in dealing with their struggles such as addictions, mental health, etc.  These youth would have a sense of stability and are able to commit to their healing, education and long term goals.  They would also have the skills and knowledge to live semi-independently.

This model has a live-in “Mentor”/ “House mom” who is available to discuss issues and concerns that the youth may have and she is someone that the youth can relate to because they share similar backgrounds.  She is able to help the girls with basic life skills such as cooking and budgeting or guide the youth to the right sources for support.

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The Supported Independent Homes are for females 18 – 23 years old who are long term wards of the Province of Saskatchewan.  It is also available for young mothers who are at risk of Family Services involvement or have Family Services involvement.

Unfortunately these young people have not had the support or opportunity to learn the skills necessary for successful independence.   These young ladies are actively becoming ready for full independence by completing their education, seeking employment and building the necessary life skills for independence.

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Baby Steps is a staffed home for babies/children that are currently in the care of the Ministry of Social Services.  At this home mothers can be assessed on their parenting skills and are provided the opportunity to build on their skills through coaching and teaching.  This environment is safe and offers the parents up to 24 hours per day to bond with their children.

While building on their parenting skills, mothers are also working on their individual issues with in-house and community supports.

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Mah’s Place is a safe and structured environment for mothers who are transitioning into independence from the Baby Steps project.

Mah’s Place can accommodate up to 2 mothers whose children are transitioning or have transitioned back into their care from Baby Steps.

The mothers in this home have reached a milestone and are continuing on with their programming and healing.

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Sweet Dreams Early Learning Centre provides quality daycare for infants & toddler/pre-school children. It can also offer employment to young people who are passionate about beginning a career in Early Learning and are striving towards being self-sufficient. 




"Sweet Dreams" Download Pamphlet



This home is a partnership between EGADZ, Wally & Colleen Mah and Conexus Credit Union through the first Social Impact Bond in Canada.

 Sweet Dreams provides safe housing to independent mother’s while they work on completing their education or acquiring employment.

This home offers an independent living environment along with a community of like-minded parents and support staff.



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Cameron House is an opportunity for young mothers to live in a supported independent environment.

Due to the generous donation from the Estate of William Cameron, we are able to offer a flexible and affordable rate of rent so that the single parent is not struggling to make ends meet while they are working towards their goal of independence.  Each parent living at Cameron House has a “My Plan” which is created by the parent and describes their goals and needs.  During their stay moms with support workers work on learning to budget, improving life skills or parenting skills, education, counselling and preparing them for their transition into independent living.

An important role of the EGADZ staff is to connect the families with healthy people in our community who have similar interests and goals.

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Fusion 22 is a multipurpose housing program designed to assist families transitioning into interdependence.

It is a clean & sober living apartment where vulnerable families can feel safe and continue to gather the knowledge, skills and tools they need to be successful.


Training, Work Experience and Financial Independence

Instead of paying a damage deposit up front, families work in a “sweat equity” fashion with the Action to Employment Reno or Community Crew. There they will learn proper work safety, work ethics and valuable skills and experience. For each hour they work 15 dollars goes towards their damage deposit and is kept in an interest bearing trust account. Once the family is ready to move on and have taken care of their home, the money they have accumulated in their account is handed over to them to start their new beginning. Each family has the opportunity throughout their stay to continue to contribute to their trust savings. Along with that, we offer them a Financial Literacy Program provided by Conexus Credit Union. Parents will learn how to manage their income and how to save for their futures and make good financial decisions.



Fusion 22 also provides parents and children with a healthy support system. Support workers are available to provide and connect families to services in the community, be there for emotional support, facilitate life skill training and help them navigate things in their lives they are inexperienced in or unsure of.


The Fusion 22 program is open to single or dual parent families, male or female and youth who are aging out of care and:

Ø are struggling with their independent living due to limited or no healthy support system

Ø are fleeing domestic violence

Ø are trying to complete their education or enter the work force

Ø are in need of a “clean and sober” living environment &

Ø need more support in the areas of mental health and past traumas

Ø may need addition support in order to resolve safety concerns

Ø alternative option for families who children are at risk of apprehension

Retreat Home

The Retreat is an opportunity to support female youth between the ages of 12-18 with high Mental Health and Addictions needs. It allows youth a chance to focus on safety and build important development skills. The youth are provided with exceptional specialized services in order to reduce self-harming behaviour and mental health incidents allowing them a safe space to work on their Mental Health and Addictions while maintaining consistency within their community.


Soft Room:

A neutral soft room is located within that home that provides the youth a relaxing and safe room where they can participate in sensory soft play. This space allows staff to assist youth in building their self-regulation skills.


There is a dog that resides within the Retreat home that provides support to the youth. With just the dog’s presence, it can help make youth feel cared for and take the focus away from their stress, aiding the youth to feel calmer.


The home is staffed with 2 in-house staff at all times. This provides youth with additional support within the home on a 24 hour basis. Along with the in-house staff there is a 3 person crisis outreach team that operates 7 days a week to facilitate extra support that may be needed. There is an emphasis on adjusting approach to meet the youth’s individual needs while incorporating coping strategies and self-regulation skills into the youth’s day to day life.

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The Action to Employment program is a multi-partnered project aimed to support the health, well-being and future of youth and community members. This program was created in 2011 for young people who struggle with addiction, mental health issues and social anxiety

Through the program training and real life experience, these young people gain employment, safety, life, social and leadership skills, while the community members gain reliable, quality and generous support to enable them to live at home.

The satisfaction and self-esteem that the youth built led them to propose a new element to the program. It was important for them to give back and help other vulnerable people, so in 2015 the program began to provide seasonal lawn care and snow removal to low-income seniors and other individuals in the city that need extra assistance. This service is by donation only and a fee for service is not expected. 

Saskatoon Health Region Mental Health and Addiction Services staff conduct satisfaction surveys to assist with evaluating the program and are supporting those youth with mental health and addiction issues through a support group. "Hearing the positive response from those seniors who are getting help with their yard work is a big boost to the self-esteem of these young people" says Tracy Muggli, director Saskatoon Health Region Mental Health and Addiction Services. "That's very important as they continue to develop the life skills that will help them build independence and move toward gaining full time employment"




While Home First clients were the initial group accessing the services of these youth, people who are 50 years of age and older and require some assistance with yard care may also access the program. Having these young people providing assistance doing yard work in the summer and shoveling snow over the winter months will help seniors remain in their homes longer and reduce emergency room visits as a result of a fall or overexertion.

The partnership includes EGADZ, Saskatoon Health Region, Ministry of Social Services, Saskatoon Truck Centre, Saskatoon Community Foundation and Canadian Tires stores in Saskatoon.



In 2016 Action to Employment was fortunate enough to start a second community crew for the summer.  The expansion allowed 2 teams to work in the community as well as a team to care for 15 EGADZ Residential homes.  From April 1st 2016 to March 31st 2017 the Action to Employment Community Crews did snow removal and yard maintenance for 44 separate clients and 12 one time clean ups for a total of 56 community clients.  Action to Employment employed 11 full time, 9 part time, 9 casual youth.


Client Testimonial: 

What the girls have done for me is beyond words.  They are so fast, efficient and pleasant.  With their help I am able to stay in my home without worry that it will be taken from me due to lack of care.  For that I can never repay-Shirley