Teen Parenting

The Teen Parent Program continues to be supported through Health Canada-The Community Action Plan for Children (CAPC)
The Teen Parent program is focused on assisting teen parents and/or expecting parents on becoming better equipped to raise healthy happy children so that they can enjoy the benefits of being a positive and loving family. The program’s goals are achieved by offering individual support services as well as formal and informal information workshops to three parenting groups within EGADZ.

The EGADZ Teen Parenting group- is a drop in group for the teen parents or young parents to be 19yrs of age and under who meet at the Centre.

The Centre group meet twice a week in the evening and is open to all young parents who are in need of Parent support, information and services.

The My Home Parenting group- is a teen parent support group for the young Mom’s 19 of age and younger who live in our residence. Group is held every 2nd Tuesday of the Month.

The Baby Steps Mature Mom’s Parenting group- is a newly developed group this year for moms who reside in our residential programs who would not fit the mandated age at the centre. This group is held once a week at the Baby Steps.

With prevention at the heart of the program, specific positive parenting information on child safety, proper shelter, health, nutrition and nurturing love is delivered through three integral components within the program; Parent section, Family section, Emergency Supplies and Support Services section. Our commitment to child safety, protection, and prevention, are embedded through various sections and can be implemented immediately to produce maximum success.

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Parent section offers opportunities for the teen parents to gain knowledge and understanding about themselves and their own children. The Parent section has three modules that were implemented to accomplish its goals: Nobody’s Perfect, Positive Discipline and Domestic Violence module.

Nobody’s Perfect is a program designed to meet the needs of high risk, low income families across Canada. The program is based on three goals; preventing child injury, preventing child obesity, and child mental health. The program consists of 8- 2.5 hour workshops in which attendance is mandatory for a participant to receive their parent certificate. Added assistance to help parents complete the program is offered through transportation, child care and snacks.

Positive Discipline is a program for children being taught around the world. The program goals are to provide alternate methods to physical and emotional punishment and to increase knowledge of children’s rights in a non- threatening way. The program provides concrete and constructive tools for resolving parent-child conflict. The program consists of 8- 2.5 hour weekly workshops and was offered twice throughout the year.  Transportation, snacks, and childcare was provided to assist parent’s attendance. 

Domestic Violence module included 4- 2.5 hour workshops that ran once throughout the year. The workshops included topics such as relationship violence, bullying, neglect, family violence and community violence. The objective of this module was for the parents to identify that they play a crucial role in stopping violence in their community by beginning at home.


Family Section

The Family Section is for parents and children to learn how to build trusting relationships in a safe environment and then progress to independently building on those relationships. This program offers activities and workshops in three areas; attachment and bonding, life skills, and positive recreation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  •  Attachment and Bonding activities and workshops are designed to assist parents to build a healthy bond and attachment with their children.
  • Life Skills offers skills to parents that need assistance in dealing with everyday life situations. This is done through informational presentations and positive recreation on topics that teach the parents the importance of taking care of one’s self in order to take better care of their children. 
  • Positive recreation is a component that teaches the parents to interact with their children through recreation activities in a positive environment. Participants enjoy activities that include swimming, The Fun Factory, playtime in the park, picnics and a Mom and Tot camp at Wakaw Lake.   

Emergency Supplies and Support Services

Emergency supplies and services are available to teen parents on a continuous basis. The services are set up according to the needs of the parents. Services include:

Bus Tickets                Referrals                      Clothing             Formula/Diapers

Pregnancy Tests         Food Packs                  Medical Appointments                    

Baby Supplies             Referrals                      Crisis Supports     Home Visits            

Outreach services and support are also available to the participants. This helps to build a trusting relationship with the Teen Parent Coordinator who is available to provide information and support to new parents in the comfort of their own home. 

EGADZ offers a Child Care Centre for children of the teen parents who attend the parenting programs. The children are supervised by a qualified childcare worker who develops crafts and games for the children to do during each session. 

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This program is a certified group session just
for dads which runs 8 sessions long-2 and a
half hours every week until completion. When
fully attended, provides a parenting
certificate. A male mentor runs the program
and provides support and guidance to fathers
and fathers-to-be. Nobody's Perfect is also
offered as a mixed-gender class later in the