EGADZ Nutrition Project

Oct 27th - I got a phone call today from a young man who was a little nervous on the phone but had something he wanted to say. He wanted us to know that back in December of 2012 he and his girlfriend came to EGADZ and asked for some help. They had just had a baby and were struggling with a place to stay and getting some food. He said that the staff at EGADZ made them feel like they were welcome and gave them something to eat and some stuff for the baby. He talked about how the staff worked hard trying to help them find resources and a place to stay. Over the next few months they came back for meals and utilized staff and the Centre for help before they moved out of the city. He was calling to say thanks and to let us know that what we did for them during those months made a huge impact on their lives. He wanted to tell us that he was working full time and that his girlfriend (soon to be wife) was also working part time. They had their own place and were a financially stable family expecting their second child. He said he felt he needed to let us know how well they were doing and how much what we did for them during those few months meant. He said, “Thanks, and never stop doing the great things you do. It means a lot.”