Our residential program support youth and families in making healthy choices that improve their quality of life. The needs of children, youth and their families are the primary focus in the design and delivery of these programs.

Fusion 22

Fusion 22 is a multipurpose supported living program that is designed to assist families who are vulnerable transition into interdependence. 

Ground Zero

Created for youth by youth, Ground Zero is an emergency transitional housing program, offering an immediate, safe place to live while obtaining secure, long-term housing.

Family unification

EGADZ has a variety of programs to support young parents, from helping mothers stay with their children through the Baby Steps program, to independent supported living through Mah’s Place and Cameron House, to guidance through Parent Support.

My Homes

Following the Youth Centred Approach, My Homes is a voluntary program that supports young people on their healing journeys who are wanting to create lifestyle changes or are in need of a supportive environment to achieve their personal goals and gain independence. 

Sweet Dreams Early LEarning Centre

At Sweet Dreams Early Learning Centre, the program approach is one of learning opportunities and age-appropriate social and emotional growth.

Sweet Dreams Program

The Sweet Dreams Program supports mothers who are aging out of care, fleeing domestic violence, re-entering the community from addictions treatment, transitioning their children home, and many other circumstances.

Youth Driven Therapeutic Housing

The Youth Driven Therapeutic Homes were created for youth by youth, to support the identified need for additional mental health and addiction support for youth in the community. The program practices our youth centered approach, supports the youth in their goals and provides a safe, patient atmosphere for stabilization.