My Homes

Following the Youth Centred Approach, My Homes is a voluntary program that supports young people on their healing journeys who are wanting to create lifestyle changes or are in need of a supportive environment to achieve their personal goals and gain independence.

Who is it for?

  • Youth between the ages of 12 to 23.


  • Ministry of Social Services.
  • Mental health and addictions workers.
  • School staff.
  • Self-referrals.
  • Each referral is reviewed and assessed for immediate risk and needs of the youth.

Program highlights

  • Voluntary – youth have the choice whether to enter the program.
  • Youth-centred – youth share their voice and make decisions for themselves, their home, and the program.
  • Goal-oriented – youth set goals for themselves and are supported in accomplishing them.
  • Non-judgmental – youth are met where they are at with care and understanding.
  • The first My Home opened in 1997, and today, there are 10 residential homes.

Latest Outcomes

Staffed My Homes

The Staffed My Homes provide a safe, stable, and supportive long-term living environment for youth aged 12-16 who are in need of 24-hour support. The homes allow youth to be the leader in making choices that best suit their needs. There are youth workers available who provide support in all areas, including self-care, transportation, education, mental health, addictions, nutrition, life skills, and employment. Exceptions of age are made in circumstances when older youth are struggling, and for young mothers who are in need of additional support. 

Staffed Home PDF

Mentored (Peer Model) My Homes

The Mentored Homes are for young women who have the ability to live semi-independently and are actively dealing with overcoming barriers such as mental health or addiction. These women are assisted by staff to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. A live-in mentor within the home takes on the role of confidant and support. The mentor is available to discuss issues and concerns as they arise, helps the youth strengthen life skills, and sets a positive example of a healthy lifestyle.

Peer Homes PDF

Independent My Homes

The Independent My Homes provide support to young women aged 18-23, and young mothers with children. These young adults are actively preparing for full independence by completing their education, seeking employment, working with parent support and building the life skills needed for success in the community on their own. Staff are available to provide support in the areas they are each needing on an individual basis.

"I love the My Homes and appreciate everything My Homes has done for me."

- Client Testimonial

Changing lives through youth-directed programs

The needs of children, youth and their families are the primary focus in the design and delivery of our programs and services.