Retreat Reunification

At the age of 15 TK moved into the Retreat home following being discharged from hospital. TK had been in and out of hospitals across the province in the months prior to transitioning to the Retreat due to struggling greatly with their mental health and actively trying to end their life. With several different diagnosis, some of which included Borderline Personality Disorder, Mood Dysregulation and Gender Dysphoria they were unable to continue to reside with their mother as their relationship had become strained due to the ongoing concerns for her safety. TK needed intensive support to gain a deeper understanding of her diagnosis, and have a safe environment to work on herself, and heal. Once living in the Retreat TK was connected with many community supports such as a Psychiatrist, Counsellor, Outreach worker as well as working closely with the Retreat staff. Over the next 5 months TK engaged with her supports, took her medication consistently, and developed healthy ways to cope with her emotions. This all gradually brought TK and her mother back together and they started doing short visits with one another, eventually working up to overnight visits. Each time TK returned from a visit she expressed how great their relationship was, and that she was able to use the skills she learned to keep herself grounded if she ever felt overwhelmed. With a greater understanding of her mental health, combined with all her hard work and having had the support of the Retreat TK transitioned back to her mother’s care and she couldn’t be happier.