Fusion 22 is a multipurpose supported living program that is designed to assist families who are vulnerable transition into interdependence.

Program highlights
  • One-on-one support.
  • Individualized lesson plan.
  • Can obtain credits.
  • Individualized case plan.

Who is it for?

  • Vulnerable families who need help transitioning into interdependence.
  • Available to single mothers, fathers, two parent families and when possible, youth who have aged out of the care of the Ministry of Social Services.


  • Self-referral.
  • Family service workers.
  • Community agencies.

In partnership with

  • Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.
  • Ministry of Social Services.

Current features

Check back soon for updates.

Tools for success

Open since November 2019, Fusion 22 is a clean and sober living apartment where families can feel safe and continue to gather the knowledge, skills and tools they need to be successful. In-house outreach staff provide parents and children with emotional support, facilitate life skill training, connect them to counselling and community resources, and help parents with problem solving. Fusion 22 provides a safe community where families are able to create healthy friendships, share their milestones and continue to encourage each other.  

Saving for the future

Instead of paying a damage deposit up front, families work in a “sweat equity” fashion with Action to Employment. For each hour they work, $15 goes towards their damage deposit and is kept in an interest-bearing trust account. Once the family is ready to move on and have taken care of their home, the money they have accumulated along with the interest is given back to them. Each family can also contribute to their savings throughout their stay, and parents are offered financial literacy training.

Changing lives through youth-directed programs

The needs of children, youth and their families are the primary focus in the design and delivery of our programs and services.