Our stories: Retreat Home

LA has struggled with her mental health and keeping herself safe since she was 13 years old, believing she wouldn’t make it to her 18th birthday. Her high mental health needs led to a break down with her long-term adoptive family, multiple community placements, and an admittance to the Dube Centre. She moved into Eagle’s Nest for intense stabilization before transitioning to The Retreat in August of 2021. Despite her extensive support network, LA continued to struggle with self-harm, suicidal ideation, and impulse control. She was admitted to the hospital in September and again in November. Upon discharge from the hospital, LA made a list of goals she wanted to achieve; improve her mental health so she would be able to safely move into a Staffed Model My Home, upgrade her classes, and reapply for post-secondary education in the nursing field. In December 2021, LA applied to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Nursing Program and was accepted for the fall of 2022. Following her acceptance, LA made appointments with her school counsellor to discuss upgrading options and was enrolled at Royal West. LA also worked closely with the CRT, utilized resources from her psychiatrist and mental health support team to assist her in balancing her emotions, and found hobbies that supported a healthy mental health regime. In January 2022, 2 months after her 18th birthday, LA transitioned from the Retreat Home to the My Home. She continues to actively work on herself and her mental health and has recently secured employment.