M.P began her journey in June 2018 at the age of 15 finding her place at the My Homes. She was apprehended at the tender age of 4, as she was subjected to intense levels of abuse by all the caregivers she had throughout her life. It was very evident that she had suffered a lot of trauma, as she was very isolated, struggled with communication, could not remember the last time she had attended school, suffered from extreme anxiety, and was developmentally delayed. She had never experienced stability in her entire life until now.

With the emotional support, proper housing, nutrition, and connecting with mental health professionals she was able to stabilize within our program. She is currently attending high school and receiving credits for the first time due to our assisting her with advocating to the school system to allow for her to be given a chance to receive an education. She is finally able to start piecing together some of the most traumatic memories and finding clarity through connecting with mental health supports. She has communicated that “The My Homes is my home and my family” We continue to support her through the steps of her journey of recovery.