Story of Success

A 16-year-old male was couch surfing in the community with his 8-month-old son, as they had nowhere safe to live. During his first 30 days at Ground Zero he worked really hard to work towards a better future for both him and his son. He registered for school, attended school every day, utilized his placement every day, focused on being a healthy full-time parent, and applied for the 16/17 Program. Being a single 16-year-old father, he was able to identify he was needing ongoing long-term support. In looking at his long-term housing options he felt the My Homes was the best goal to work towards. In collaboration with the My Home Coordinator, he really focused on his schooling and working with the Ground Zero MSS Liaison worker. He was granted a week extension so he could solidify his Section 10 and have a smooth transition to the Boys Staffed My Home.