Operation Runaway is an innovative program that supports the habitual runaway youth in Saskatoon.

Who is it for?

  • Runaway youth.
  • For more information please call (306) 933-9949.

Referrals are accepted by

  • Ministry of Social Services and Mobile Crisis.
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority.
  • Other EGADZ programs and services.
  • Community agencies.
  • Community members.
  • Police and other emergency services.
  • Self-referrals.

In partnership with

  • Saskatoon Police Service.
  • Ministry of Social Services.
  • Mental Health and Addictions Services.

Current features

Self-developed case plans

Operation Runaway identifies the root causes of youths’ running patterns and how we, as collective agencies, can help youth create a self-developed case plan that is unique to each individual. Partnering with other community organizations, this is a wrap-around service, where youth are provided with quick resources, eliminating their need to run away.

Direct support from staff

Operation Runaway consists of two full-time support staff who are available six days a week from 1-9PM. The support staff works closely with the youth in their personalized case plans and provides daily engagement activities. As Operation Runaway is a voluntary program, once the referral has been received, the program support staff will connect with the youth directly and start engagement based on what the youth wants and needs.


“Operation Runaway helped me feel welcome to EGADZ, it gave me the feeling that someone is willing to listen.”

–OR client

“Operation Runway has helped me with making changes in my life and has helped me motivate myself in terms of obtaining health and stability.”

–OR client

Changing lives through youth-directed programs

The needs of children, youth and their families are the primary focus in the design and delivery of our programs and services.